Our software portfolio is available on-premise and Cloud, on many platforms vendors. Our offer is designed to work in the Telecommunications sector and at the Financial Services Industry.

It’s a software product for a telecommunications’ sector enterprise data warehousing projects (EDW). Our solution fits the telecommunication operators’ business demand and industry standards. Telco Analytics supports all business units: consumer; corporate and wholesale (pre-paid, post-paid, mobile, fixed, internet and TV). Read More

It helps operators know and improve, customer satisfaction levels, by segment and subscriber. Customer 360 is a powerful tool that provides an engine for Customer Satisfaction Level. Read More

It’s a suite of use cases, developed over Big Data technologies’ most common distributions. The use cases speed up the deployment and exploration of the Big Data concepts on telecommunications operators. Read More


It’s a software solution with pre-built data models that cover the analytical needs of a financial institutions. The core entities in the model such are: customer, product and account, providing a customer-centric approach. Read More

It’s a powerful tool that provides an engine for Customer Satisfaction Level. It monitors issues and interactions, which helps define actions that improve customer experience. Read More

It offers a set of technology agnostic design-time and runtime capabilities on the EAI, SOA and API space that allow for a drastic reduction of the time-to-market of integration solutions within the enterprise. Read More


One of the key benefits of our software solutions is to bring to our customers a clear and meaningful business dashboards.


Data Solutions works with the main software technologies available in the market.

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